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YA!SMILE Clear Aligner

Two Pricing Plans

YA!SMILE Assessment





France AI Smart System

5D Light Orthodontics


  • 3D printing technology3D
  • Digital Impression
  • Dental Monitoring AI

YA!SMILE Clear Aligner

Four Features

Top brand of light orthodontics 5-10 months orthodontic treatments

5D light orthodontics is designed for your needs, so that digital orthodontic treatment can start at any time.





France AI Smart Aligner System

Top French AI smart aligner system reduces waiting in the clinic for dentists treatment and allows doctors to keep track of your treatment progress.

Clear Pricing, give you the most friendly orthodontic support

Designed for modern life, get rid of high-priced traditional orthodontic treatment, and hope that everyone who is not satisfied with your teeth can easily enjoy high-tech medical treatment.



Long-distance tracking.  Accurate and effective.

Regular follow-up will not affect the progress of orthodontics due to busy and no time to return to the clinic. It is the most suitable orthodontic model for the modern life.

France AI Orthodontic Tracking

Doctor can grasp it with 0 distance

How does Ya! Smile AI light orthodontics proceed?

1. Upload a photo of your teeth on the official website, and an expert will conduct a preliminary assessment for you.

2. After the assessment is passed, the Dental Clinic will perform an oral scan, check the dental condition, and give a orthodontic treatment plan, which is divided into [Speedy] and [Smile] two options.

Speedy light correction

l The scope of correction is concentrated on front teeth.

l The corrective treatment plan is evaluated by a specialist for 5 months.

Smile light correction

l The scope of correction is not limited to front teeth, including full-mouth teeth.

l The corrective treatment plan is evaluated by a specialist for 10 months.

3. After you confirm and agree to the corrective treatment plan, you can easily make your own invisible braces after the payment is completed.

4. According to the prescription instructions provided by the specialist, a professional dental technician will make your exclusive smart invisible aligner.

5. After the production is completed, you would be arranged to return to the clinic to receive the clever aligner and be taught to use the AI orthodontic system.

6. Start your Ya! Smile AI smart invisible orthodontic journey.



The treatment period varies from person to person. It is expected to be 5-10 months. In addition to eating and cleaning, the aligner should be worn for more than 20 hours a day.